Hire the Chicago Philharmonic

Full Orchestra to Chamber Ensembles — All Beautifully Presented

Since its beginning, the Chicago Philharmonic Society has specialized in the contracting of symphonic orchestras and smaller music ensembles – both classical and popular – for a wide range of sponsors and events. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll put together the perfect musical entertainment for you.

Hire the Best Musicians Around
The Chicago Philharmonic Society draws on a balanced membership of some 200 musicians to form orchestras and chamber music groups. A Performing Membership in the Society requires the highest standard of personal musical talent and competence.

The Society is able to draw on its pool of artists to provide a soloist or form a full symphonic orchestra, and everything in between.  We can provide ensembles that perform a range of popular music genres as well as any segment of the classical repertoire.

Choose from the Finest Soloists and Conductors
The Society’s orchestras through the years have performed with many leading artists and under the baton of many well-known conductors. We are in a position to work with most conductors and soloists requested by sponsors, or recommend conductors and artists particularly suitable to the music and circumstances. We also can include specific artists and a conductor on a packaged proposal.

Enhance Your Program with Additional Services
Some clients wish their audiences to experience something more than well performed music. We can arrange for conductors, artists, or other speakers to educate and entertain audiences, or to fit our music performance into the sponsor’s own speaker or visual program.

Comprehensive Support
We will work with clients to address any particular venue needs and, if desired, assist in locating and contracting for appropriate space, equipment, and set up plans, including rehearsal schedules integrated with the clients own event planning. Our services include an onsite coordinator to better assure a smooth and successful event, and to deal with any unexpected developments. Our goal is to use our experience and knowhow to maximize the success of any presentation and to have a very satisfied client.

Institutional Relationship
The contract for musical performance is made with our Executive Director, who serves as an officer of the Chicago Philharmonic Society. The client is therefore dealing with a well-established institution with decades of experience and a long-standing track record of excellence and reliability in contracting musical performances.

Recent Clients
In May, 2012, the Chicago Philharmonic was chosen as the official orchestra of the Joffrey Ballet and provided its first contract performances in October to critical acclaim. The Chicago Philharmonic is also the orchestra for the popular Salute to Vienna concert at Chicago’s Symphony Center every holiday season. We regularly perform with the innovative Music Paradigm corporate leadership program presented and conducted by Roger Nierenberg. Each summer for many years, we have performed at Ravinia as the Ravinia Festival Orchestra and also as the Chicago Philharmonic. In that role we provided musical services for a variety of genres including classical, popular and rock.

To hire the Chicago Philharmonic, or for more information about our services, contact Executive Director Donna Milanovich: