Outreach Programs

The Chicago Philharmonic believes in making great music accessible to everyone.

“Never in a million years would I think I’d get
the opportunity to play alongside professional
musicians (1st part no less!). Many thanks to
the Chicago Philharmonic for a wonderful night
of music in the park! The clarinet section was clearly the best.”
– Side-by-Side with Chicago Philharmonic Night Out in the Parks participant.

Since its inception, The Chicago Philharmonic Society has engaged in a range of youth and community outreach initiatives. Our expanding outreach programs focus on meaningful interactions between our musicians and the community. Click the links below to read about specific outreach programs:

Chi Phil AMP
Families to the Phil
Side-by-Side with the Chicago Philharmonic through Night Out in the Parks

Banner photo by Ingrid Nevinger. Above photo by Elliot Mandel