Chicago Philharmonic Violinist Clara Lindner

Clara LindnerQ. What inspired you to pursue music as a career?

A. My parents were classical music lovers and growing up I was constantly surrounded by melodies flowing from records and the radio. On Sundays we were glued to the “Texaco Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts.” Also, as a little girl, I loved going to orchestra concerts with my parents. It meant that I got to dress up and to stay up way past my bedtime! In fourth grade I began taking violin lessons through a school music program in Los Angeles, but it was at summer music camp that my passion for playing was truly sparked. At 12 years old I attended camp at the Idyllwild School of Music. There I was thrilled to discover other kids, just like me, who loved music and were eager to learn how to create it together. The orchestra experience transported me to another world – a place of intricate harmonies – and I felt that I belonged there. I went on to be a member of several inspiring youth orchestras and even traveled on exciting European tours with youth symphonies.

Q. What do you like most about the CPO’s ensemble approach to creating music?
A. My CPO colleagues are wonderfully skilled artists committed to the highest standard of music making. I am happy to have the opportunity to work together with them to play great repertoire. It is an exalted feeling to be surrounded on all sides by the sounds of a truly wonderful orchestra. I hope that our audiences experience the same great enthusiasm and esprit de corps that I feel when we present our concerts.

Q. What new endeavors would you like to see the CPO pursue in the future?
A. I would like to see the CPO expand our concerts to at least two or more performances of each program at different venues. In addition, the fact that the CPO is working with the Joffrey Ballet this upcoming season is very exciting, and I would like to see CPO partner with other arts organizations in our area. We can do more with outreach to educate children about the joys of playing instruments and listening to music. In fact, educational programs for all ages would be a wonderful way to help others embrace the world of music. Music contributes to the fundamental values that are the foundations of a great society and is an essential part of the human spirit. The CPO is an integral part of keeping the spirit of music alive in Chicago.

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