Frequently Asked Questions

If your question can’t be answered below, please don’t hesitate to call us on (312) 957 0000 or email

For questions about venues, locations and directions, please see our “Plan your visit” page.

How long do Chicago Philharmonic concerts last?

Concert duration varies based on programming. Most of our symphonic concerts last a little over two hours (including intermission), while most chamber music concerts last about one hour. If you need to know the expected duration of a specific program, please check out the individual concert page or call the office.

What time do doors open for Chicago Philharmonic concerts?

Doors typically open one hour before our symphonic and chamber concerts. We recommend arriving early to make the most of pre-concert activities featured as part of most of our symphonic concerts.

What happens if I arrive late to the concert?

The policy changes depending on the concert but for most symphonic concerts, once the performance has started late-comers must wait until a suitable break in the program before being admitted to the auditorium into the first available seat so as to not disturb other patrons (usually at the back). At intermission, you’ll be able to take your allocated seat.

Can I bring my child to a Chicago Philharmonic concert?

We encourage the valuable experience of concert attendance at a young age, but we ask that parents avoid bringing children under the age of eight to symphonic concerts. Children under that age are instead encouraged to attend our Side-by-Side with the Chicago Philharmonic concerts in Chicago parks, as well as any Chicago Philharmonic Chamber Players concerts at City Winery.¬† If you’re looking for a kid friendly performance in our 2017-2018 season, we recommend Bows and Beasts and Hollywood Heroes.

What if I am unable to attend a concert?

The Chicago Philharmonic Society offers a flexible ticket exchange policy. You may exchange your ticket for another of equal or lesser value for any symphonic or chamber performance presented by The Chicago Philharmonic Society within the same performance season (ie. Season 2017-2018), subject to availability. Changes may incur a processing fee except for subscribers. Tickets may also be transferred to another patron without coordinating with the box office.

If you are unable to use your tickets, you may donate them as a tax-deductible contribution. To exchange or donate your tickets, please call the box office at 312-957-0000 during office hours or email

Exchanges and tax-deductible ticket contributions may be arranged any time up to 24 hours prior to the performance for which the tickets were purchased. We do not offer refunds for tickets.

Do I buy tickets for concerts through Chicago Philharmonic or the venue?

This changes depending on the concert and venue, as we have separate agreements for each of them.
All subscription packages must be purchased through Chicago Philharmonic.
Tickets to concerts at Pick-Staiger Hall must be purchased through Chicago Philharmonic.
Tickets to concerts at North Shore Center for Performing Arts can be purchased either through Chicago Philharmonic or through North Shore Center Box Office.
Tickets to concerts at Harris Theater must be purchased direct through Harris Theater Box Office (excepting subscription tickets).
Tickets for chamber concerts at City Winery Chicago can be purchased either through Chicago Philharmonic or City Winery.
For special events or other performances, please see the relevant performance/event page for details.

Why are there additional fees for the tickets I buy?

Our ticketing is handled by a third party that charges us fees on tickets purchased. The fees you pay help us offset these costs, a practice widely used by orchestras and other sorts of musical presenters nationally. The Chicago Philharmonic Society is committed to providing world-class music for all, which is why we have not raised ticket prices in the past four years and remain one of the most affordable professional orchestras in the area.

What is a subscription?

A subscription, or subscription ticket package, is a purchase of two or more concerts at the same time at heavily discounted prices. Subscription packages can be made up of any combination of shows in the symphonic season, across any of our concert hall venues. For our 2017-2018 season, you can purchase 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 concerts to buy in a package. Packages can be in any seating reserve, though we cannot mix reserves. Subscribers also receive a host of other benefits. Click here for symphonic subscriber benefits.
This year, we will also be offering a subscription for our City Winery Chamber concerts. By subscribing for all three City Winery Chamber Concerts in the Fall, you’ll be able to see three unique concerts for the price of two. Click here for more information on the Fall Chamber Concert Season.

What is the difference between a subscription and a community membership?

A subscription package includes tickets to concerts, as well as other benefits. A membership package, either Sonata or Concerto, is a group of like-minded music lovers who want to get closer to Chicago Philharmonic with a membership that includes merchandise, exclusive experiences and other free offers. It does not include tickets to symphonic concerts. Some events and benefits are available to both subscribers and members. Any patron can choose to be a member, a subscriber or both.

I am a community member. How can I redeem my membership benefits?

For special events, Chicago Philharmonic will send invites to members with RSVP details. You must RSVP to secure your place.
To redeem merchandise vouchers, please bring your $15 vouchers to the merchandise desk at any Chicago Philharmonic concert. Terms and conditions are printed on the vouchers.
To redeem free Chi Phil Chamber Concert tickets, once the season has been announced, you’ll be contacted and invited to select which concert you’d like to use your free ticket. Chi Phil will then issue you a complimentary ticket.

I have a voucher for a Chicago Philharmonic concert. How can I redeem it?

Call our office at 312-957-0000, and one of our helpful associates will arrange for your tickets to be emailed or held at will call.

Are group discounts available?

Yes! Call our office at 312-957-0000 or email us at to arrange a special discount for your group of ten or more.

Does the Chicago Philharmonic offer gift cards?

Yes! Click here to purchase a gift card to put towards attending the concert(s) of your choice.

Are Artists and Programs Guaranteed?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee against late changes. While alterations are rare, artists and programs are subject to change due to injury, illness, or other exceptional circumstances. In the case of a change, the Society will notify the public immediately and make every possible effort to present the original program with world-class quality or find suitable replacements.

Is it possible to hire musicians of the Chicago Philharmonic for a public or private event?

Yes! In addition to performing our own symphonic and chamber concerts, the Chicago Philharmonic is the area’s premiere contractual orchestra. We offer a uniquely versatile range of styles and ensemble sizes. Click here to learn more about ways to hire us for your event.

How can I get to The Chicago Philharmonic Society's office?

We are located at 401 S LaSalle, Suite 1600-J, Chicago IL 60605. Our office is easily accessible by car, Metra, and most CTA lines. The largest nearby parking lot, Trader Parking Garage, is located at 326 S Wells. Rates are $16 an hour and $33 for 12 hours. Please call us at 312-957-0000 if you would like to schedule a meeting or have any questions regarding transportation and parking.

I have another question not listed here.
Contact us at or 312-957-0000. Our dedicated staff is happy to help. Office hours are M-F, 10am – 5pm.