The Chicago Philharmonic Chamber Players at City Winery:
Heavenly Harps: Dance Music from Handel to Muse


Heavenly Harps: Dance Music from Handel to Muse
(Harp Quartet)

Sunday, May 31, 2015, 12:00 p.m.

City Winery Chicago
1200 W Randolph
Chicago, IL 60607

Reserved: $20
Premiere: $25

NOTE:  Brunch is available for purchase starting at 11:00 a.m. and during the performance.

cp2 harpists pluck, strum, and swirl their way through rich arrangements of classical and popular music alike. With Handel’s instantly recognizable “Hornpipe,” from The Water Music, the quartet astonishingly performs a score originally intended for over 30 instrumentalists with just 8 hands. Next up on the program are selections from Jules Massenet’s Le Cid, an opera about love and revenge. To follow, the quartet pays tribute to Paganini – that soul-selling (as some accused him) showboat of the 19th century – with finger-flinging virtuosity in their version of Mchedelov’s themes on his Caprice No. 24. An original composition based on songs by the popular apocalyptic space-rock band Muse comes next in Musings. The quartet concludes with a few Latin selections: first a cumbia dance, then a work dedicated to Mexico’s mixed European and American Indian (Mestizo) heritage, and finally a brilliant Spanish dance from La Vida Breve, an opera about forbidden love. Whether bright or stormy, the varied subject matter of this exciting program turns to “heavenly” bliss with these earthly harp angels’ every note.

G.F. Handel
“Hornpipe” from The Water Music, arr. M.L. Williams

Jules Massenet
Ballet Suite from Le Cid, arr. M.L. Williams
I. Castillane
II. Arragonaise
III. Aubade
IV. Madrilene

Mikhail Mchedelov
Variations on a Theme of Paganini, arr. M.L. Williams

M.L. Williams
II. Lent
III. Con brio

Alfredo Ortiz
Cumbia Deliciosa

Gerardo Tamez
Tierra Mestiza

Manuel de Falla
Spanish Dance No. 1 from La Vida Breve, arr. M.L. Williams

Marguerite Lynn Williams
Emily Ann Granger
Kelsey Molinari
Cathy Litaker